Niger Delta Youths Potential Analytical DataBase System

Niger Delta Youths Potential Analytical Database is a system that gives us a voluntary information of the average niger delta youths between the ages of 18-45yrs. The program of the system is developed to enable us identify and analyze potentials to properly harness, place, develop and empower us with the prouness of our Qualification, Skills, Interest, Passion & Status.


The Youths of the Niger Delta have always gained a place in the league of excellence, producing youths like Fetimi Bebetebe, Damini Ogulu, Fubara Blessing, Agbani Derego and so many others. Coming from a degraded and under-rated region we must have a parameter that is a pinnacle for sustainable, effective, and practical youth’s conscious intentions and dividence, yes we agree that a lot has been put in to handle this conscious but the impact of the purpose of determination has barely been met with for the reason of lack of a planning parameter and an institutional system to monitor and each gate progress, hence; the niger delta youths database.

Programs and youth intervention program has not yielded the much-deserved impact in spite of all efforts of different interactions and MDAs of government because these programs are always planned and selected by organizations or vendors. But this administration has rebuilt Hope for the youths by developing a model that will assure sincerity of purpose and identify the cardinals and magnitude of the issues of youth problems and possible solutions to them.

This system will thus absorb the ideas of mismatched and misplacement of qualified requisitions in organizational openings. The system will give us the opportunity to do skills ID which will enable us to do a proper skills development for onward engagements/acquisition routine of turning around trainees without proper identification of their skill set to endure sustainability of program and engagement. The system is developed to as a parameter of selection and the issues of non-marginalization felt by the youths of the region as the system is built to select by competence, consent, and life.

The potential and capability of the youths of the region also cannot be over-emphasized as this database system acts as a capacity pool to feed employers of labor national/international donors and grants agencies for youth interventions.

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